You need to care of your windshield at all times but you have to provide it with extra TLC during the winter season. When the harsh cold seasons arrive, a lot of people flush out their radiators and buy snow tires. However, they forget that the windshield is most prone to cracking during the winter season.  

You are forewarned. Be sure to be prepared for what may happen to your windshield during the colder winter months. Be sure that you’re on your guard and always caring for your windshield once the temperature at night starts going down to 20 degrees.  

Windshield Winter Care Tips  

Even if it is snowing so hard outside, you will still have to drive your car to get to your destination safely. Below are some winter windshield caring tips that you can follow. To further help you with caring for your windshield, don’t hesitate to consult with the experts in windshield replacement Springfield 

  1. Remove frost properly.

The sudden change in temperature is harsh on the windshieldAs such, never use boiling water when defrosting it. To get the frost out of the windshield, switch on n the defroster. Be patient and allow the windshield to slowly warm up. 

  1. Usegood-quality plastic ice scraper.  

If ice form on the windshield, don’t use metal spatulas or table knives to remove it. If you do that, you may scratch the glass badly. Use a plastic ice scraper instead. They just cost a few dollars but they can save you a lot of trouble with your windshield later on. There are also spray-type de-icers that you can use to melt the ice on the windshield 

  1. Make sure that the glass is clean. 

Wash your windshield every day. By doing so, you’re removing all dirt that is stuck to the glass. Such dirt will only scratch the surface of the windshield when you turn on the wiper. The same goes true, you’re scraping ice from the glass. A clean windshield allows you to see everything clearly, including small cracks in it. 

  1. Replaceyour wiper blades periodically 

You don’t want to use wiper blades that are worn out because they’ll only damage the windshield. Check if there are exposed plastic or metal on the wiper blade that is touching the glass, as they can severely damage it. Make sure that you use winter wiper blades during the cold season.   

  1. Make sure that washer fluid is full.

Always check the reservoir of washer fluid as it has to be always full. Try to switch to an ice mix, anti-fog washer fluid that’s made especially for winter. It will help protect the windshield from damage caused by the formation of ice. 

  1. Repair cracks androck chips. 

Never ignore even the smallest crack or rock chip on your windshield, as it can cause a lot of problems for you in the future. You already know that the sudden change in temperature could damage your windshield and you can’t do much about that when you’re outdoors. Windshields that are cracked are most prone to bigger damage.