Yes, that is right! It’s illegal to throw away trash incorrectly. You can get fined or arrested if you get caught, Weird right? Why would someone get thrown to jail just because of throwing out the garbage from their home? Improper dumping of trash can pose risks and hazardous tendencies to everyone and the environment as well especially if the place you dumped it to is not where it’s supposed to go. Doing this not only makes you an offender of the law, it’s also making you a contributor to the deprecation of the Earth’s Health. 

In this article we will be tackling different factors about illegal dumping. What are the possibilities if you were caught illegally dumping your waste or your unusable equipment? Will you face charges? Difference between littering and dumping and many more. 

Waste and trash disposals are governed and controlled on federal level. If you even try to break federal laws, even if it’s just trash, you may need to face very dire consequences. There are no specifics as to what to dump and what is improper dumping, just don’t throw your waste out in public and better hire someone to throw your trash for you, preferably a Junk Removal Service Contractor.  

How about littering, how is that different from dumping? In this case, it’s measured upon the amount of waste disposed. Littering is when there’s a small almost unnoticeable amount of trash in the way, dumping is a large mass of waste that is noticeable and covers a lot of ground or tons of garbage bags thrown at sea is considered a large mass of waste.  

You can be charged either with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the volume or mass of waste, the type of waste, is it an individual dumping the waste or business? The repetition of the act. Businesses are likely to face felony charges but individuals can pose for a felony charge as well, especially if you’re playing with toxic waste. 

In order to address illegal dumping in your area there are various ways you can go around it. For instance, you can call on junk removal service contractors and have them dispose of your waste for you. That way you won’t need to worry about illegal dumping because these Junk Removal Service Companies or Contractors will be the ones who will be disposing of the waste for you  

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Let’s all take care of the environment, all in a safe and legal way. Hire a Junk Removal Service Contactor for a safe and fast Junk Removal Service Brockton MA