The choice to drive your vehicle while drunk or under the influence of drugs can have fatal and life-changing penalties. If you drive after you have several drinks, it can place yourself in a situation that might change your life. 


Luckily, DUI lawyers Tampa can help you. Here are a couple of things you should know: 

DUI Murder 

Each state has different laws when it comes to felony charges. You can be facing murder charges if you’ve been charged with DUI in the previous years and is now charged with killing a person in another DUI accident.  

In other states, 2nd-degree murder or vehicular homicide charges might apply in a deadly DUI accident. On every single one of these occasions, you can be looking at the chance of spending a lot of years in jail and paying a lot of money in damages and fines to the family of the victim. 

DUI Manslaughter 

This is a charge that’s an outcome of a drunk motorist causing an accident which killed someone. Of course, the drunk driver has no intention of killing that particular individual. However, it occurred because of the influence of alcohol in the system.  

All states have various charges for manslaughter. However, there are 2 primary categories of DUI manslaughter. This includes: 

  • DUI manslaughter with gross negligence 

On this occasion, oftentimes, severe recklessness is present. For instance, a drunk driver might be on the other side of the road that caused a car crash.  

  • DUI manslaughter with ordinary negligence 

Usually, the driver hasn’t obeyed traffic laws. However, their actions might not be considered seriously negligent. For instance, the driver might be using his/her mobile device before causing the accident that led to a person’s death. 

On these occasions, potential punishments can include: 

  • Prison sentence 
  • Restitution to the victims 
  • Loss or suspension of license 

How to Tell if You Are Drunk Driving? 

Around 0.08% is the legal BAC (blood alcohol concentration) in all 50 states. However, if you are a driver for business, also known as commercial driver, it is around 0.04%. 

You can be facing charges related to DWI (driving while impaired) or DUI (driving under the influence) if you surpass this limit and get into an accident or get stopped by law enforcement.  

Your BAC differs from a lot of factors. This includes your weight. To be considered drunk legally, it can take as little as two glasses of wine or two beers.  

Asking for Help 

You need to hire a DUI lawyer right away if you have been charged in a DUI accident, whether it is fatal or not.  

Though what occurred was tragic, you’re facing the chance of life-changing penalties and you’ve got to protect yourself. On a couple of occasions, there’s a chance that a lawyer can lower the murder charges or DUI manslaughter to a normal reckless driving charge or DUI charge. An attorney is skilled at checking every element of a deadly DUI accident and understand what things to find in your case that can change everything.